Black Leaves
Gray Paper

Garlic Bread $6.00

2 slices V

Bruschetta $12.00

tomato, basil, EVOO, balsamic vinegar and feta on a sourdough slice V

Prawn and Leek Ravioli $12.00

served with tomato and soy butter

Chicken Roulade $12.00

chicken tenders, seeded mustard, chives and shallots rolled in prosciutto

and served with house-made Caesar dressing, croutons, crispy bacon and egg

Asian Duck Spring Rolls $12.00

served with a mildly spiced plum sauce

Chilli Garlic Prawns $12.00

served with saffron rice and a light cream sauce GF

Cajun Calamari $12.00

calamari dusted in rice flour and Cajun spices and served with

pickled summer vegetables and aioli GF

Korean style Pork Belly $12.00

Marinated with soy and apple and served with spring onions

Seared Scallops $12.00

Served with spring onions, tomato and soy butter

Choose 3 - $11 each

Choose 4 - $10 each

Choose 5 - $49 each

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The Stirling Arms