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Garlic Bread $6.00

2 slices V

Bruschetta $12.00

tomato, basil, EVOO, balsamic vinegar and feta on a sourdough slice V

Double Cheese and Basil, Peanut Pesto Arancini Balls $12.00

served with a mildly spiced plum sauce V

Chicken Caesar Roulade

chicken tenders, seeded mustard, chives and shallots rolled in prosciutto

and served with house-made Caesar dressing, croutons, crispy bacon and a

poached egg atop mixed greens GF $14.00

Asian Duck Spring Rolls $14.00

served with a mildly spiced plum sauce

Chilli Garlic Prawns $15.00

served with saffron rice and a light cream sauce GF

Cajun Calamari $13.00

calamari dusted in rice flour and Cajun spices and served with

pickled summer vegetables and aioli GF

Scallop and Bacon Potato skins $14.00

served with a basil and peanut pesto and sundried tomato

Chef’s Tasting Plate $30.00

Asian duck spring rolls

scallop and bacon potato skins

aranchini balls drizzled with plum sauce

chicken caesar roulade

cajun calamari

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The Stirling Arms

PLATTERS to order

A minimum of 72 hours’ notice is required

We recommend: 8 pieces per person at mealtime … 4-6 pieces per person at other times

WEDGES PLATTER thirty-five dollars Wedges with sweet chilli and sour cream dipping sauces

CHIPS PLATTER thirty-five dollars Beer battered chips served with aioli dipping sauce

ASIAN PLATTER sixty dollars 25 spring rolls and 25 samosas with sweet chilli dipping sauce

SAUSAGE ROLL PLATTER seventy dollars 50 house-made sausage rolls with tomato dipping sauce

SCONE PLATTER eighty dollars 50 house-made scones with butter and jam

GOURMET SANDWICH PLATTER eighty dollars A selection of 30 gourmet sandwiches

BUFFALO WINGS eighty dollars 4kg of chicken wingettes served with a spicy BBQ sauce

CHICKEN SATAY PLATTER eighty-five dollars 40 chicken satay skewers with satay dipping sauce

COLD MEAT PLATTER ninety dollars A selection of delicatessen meats served with aioli, Nana’s tomato relish, sourdough bread and garnished with salad leaves

ANTIPASTO PLATTER ninety-five dollars A selection of delicatessen meats, marinated vegetables and feta cheese served with aioli and warm sourdough bread

DOUBLE CHEESE ARANCINI BALLS ninety-five dollars 60 double cheese, basil and peanut pesto arancini served with a mildly spiced plum sauce

TERIYAKI CALAMARI one hundred and twenty dollars 40 BBQ teriyaki marinated calamari skewers served with a teriyaki dipping sauce

CHEF’S CANAPE SELECTION (12 pieces of each canapé) one hundred and thirty-five dollars Saffron infused salmon mousse on a mini éclair garnished with salmon caviar Chicken roulade topped with Caesar dressing sitting on a crouton Potato skin topped with scallop, onion and bacon compote and parsley butter Quenelle of butter braised crab whipped into mascarpone atop a crouton

Please place large orders as soon as possible to allow us time to source the freshest ingredients Due to seasonal availability of some ingredients THE STIRLING ARMS reserves the right to change packages and prices without notice